Thursday, February 22, 2018

Our Services

A. Wahab & Co. provides a wide range of services to a large number of major local, national and international organizations. At the same time, we also serve many smaller clients, who seek the breadth of experience and expertise available within the firm. Both national and international companies come to us because of our professional reputation and the importance of that reputation to each enterprise and to its shareholders, bankers and other interested parties.

Our clients also include public sector organizations, corporations, international donor agencies, government departments and local authorities. A. Wahab & Co. provides a broad range of services, including audit and accountancy services, corporate financial advice, taxation consulting management consulting and secretarial and share registration services and Database design and Computer Consulting services.

Audit and Accountancy

We act as independent auditors of client organizations and of their operations, however diverse and wherever located. We view the independent audit as a means of ensuring that management is provided with reliable financial and management information through the operation of appropriate controls and procedures. Although, at a minimum, we provide audit services that meet statutory or contractual requirements, we do audit not just as a statutory necessity, but as a constructive and cost-effective aid to management in its task of managing the enterprise. We believe that understanding our client's business is essential if our audit is to be relevant and efficient. In this way we ensure that our audit provides value for money.

Corporate Finance

We have an experienced team of corporate finance professionals available to assist directors and executives with the complexities of the following-

- Business Assessments
- Going Public.
- Raising Capital.
- Corporate Funding

Taxation and Legal Services:

The firm's tax function works closely with the audit practice, providing an integrated service to those businesses requiring both capabilities.
In addition to providing ongoing assistance and advice to corporate clients in the submission of tax computations under the self-assessment regime, our team of tax experts is available to assist clients in areas such as those listed below.

1. International Tax Planning.
2. VAT and Indirect Taxes.
3. Personal Taxation and Executives Remuneration.
4. Devising optimum Corporate and Investment Structures.
5. Processing Corporate Tax Holiday Applications.
6. Availing of Opportunities Arising from Changes in Tax Legislation.

Our legal specialists provide a full range of services relating to the formation of companies and their appropriate registration with all relevant authorities and makes tax planning in advance in accordance with status of the enterprise.
Structuring an investment efficiently from a taxation point of view is of prime importance when considering an investment in Bangladesh. This is the case both in the initial phases and on an ongoing basis as developments occur.

Management Consulting:

The firm provides its clients with an extensive range of consulting services, including the following:
1. General Management;
2. Finance and Accounting;
3. Production Management;
4. Economics and Marketing;
5. Human resources and executive selection and training;
6. Office automation and communications studies;
7. Information Systems Consulting;
8. Strategic Management Consulting; and
9. Liquidation/dissolution of companies and Integration/merger etc. of corporate bodies

Internal Audit Solutions:

Our internal audit solution can be as broad or narrow in scope as desired by audit committee, board or management of our client company/organization.

We develop solutions to meet needs of our clients, which includes:
a) Risk assessments;
b) Risk-based plans for outsourcing or co-sourcing;
c) Internal audit quality controls; and
d) Internal audit training;

We follow risk-based approach and aim to -
a) Identify the risk-prone areas;
b) Develop a tailored audit plan that focuses on the identified risk;
c) Communicate directly and frequently with the audit committee;
d) Use computerized audit tools to efficiently probe and assess;
e) Formally document and report our findings;
f) Recommend improvements related to our findings;
g) Evaluate internal controls with emphasis on segregation of duties; and
h) Use client personnel where possible to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Bookkeeping Services:

Keeping books of accounts is important to every business. Keeping that in mind, we have designed our bookkeeping services to help prepare and organize financial records of our clients. We can help our clients doing that on a temporary basis or permanently. Our services include -

a) Prepare interim and annual financial statements;
b) Maintain general ledger;
c) Complete monthly and year-end closings;
d) Reconcile accounts; and
e) Prepare Depreciation Schedules.

Services to Smaller Businesses

The firm helps smaller businesses overcome their problems. These businesses, unlike many major public companies, do not always have the in-house resources to solve their problems. They therefore place great reliance on our ability to provide them with high-quality advice and assistance on financial matters promptly and efficiently. In fulfilling this need, we combine a personalized service with specialist knowledge that can only be gained from years of experience in solving the commercial and tax problems of a wide variety of different types of businesses.

Secretarial and Share Registration Services

The complexity of modern company law and the impact of economic globalization made the work of a company secretary demanding and time-consuming. Our highly qualified and experienced staff can assist in every aspect of this work. We provide a complete secretarial x service to registered companies including write up and maintenance of Share Certificates, Share Register, Share Transfer Register, Resolution Books etc. as are relevant in maintaining statutory records of limited companies.

Database Designing and IT Consulting

Computer has become an essential element in the modern day business. To keep up with the technological advancement all over the world our clients have been putting tremendous effort in computerizing their financial management departments. At A. Wahab & Co. we have come forward in time to make the transition from manual system to computer environment smooth for our clients. Our world-class computer consultants have several years of experience in database designing, implementation and training in four different countries of the world including the USA and Canada. At A. Wahab & Co. we serve our clients in every field of computer based information systems - from office automation to data entry, we give our clients the service they want. A. Wahab & Co. is the only certified consultant of ACCPAC Simply Accounting software in Bangladesh and has experience in customizing the software for money local and international agencies functioning in Bangladesh.

Service to Commercial Banks in Connection with Bangladesh Bank Foreign Exchange Reporting

We provide the following services to our commercial bank clients in respect of foreign exchange reporting to Bangladesh Bank -

a) Reconciliation of accounts, transactions with relevant files;
b) Coding of IMP forms;
c) Coding EXP forms;
d) Coding C forms;
e) Coding TM forms;
f) Preparing Schedules;
g) Preparing Summary Report;
h) Central Bank query resolution; and
i) Any ad-hoc activities required by the bank or Bangladesh Bank.

Specialized Service to Liaison Offices:

For our liaison office clients, we provide the following services-

a) Internal audit of monthly accounts;
b) Checking of VAT and Tax compliance;
c) Book keeping services (on need basis);
d) Calculation of monthly salary tax and other with holding taxes;
e) Filing quarterly return with the Bangladesh Bank;
f) Obtaining renewal permission U/S 18A and 18B of the Bangladesh Bank;
g) Renewal of permission for Board of Investment;
h) Perform annual audit of accounts of the liaison office;
i) Filing expatiate salary tax return; and
j) Filing annual income tax return and obtaining tax clearance certificate;

Interim Staffing & Training:

We can help our clients during the peak season or monthly closings or to fill in temporary vacancies. If our clients lack the personnel, time or expertise for a one time or special projects, we can help them meet deadlines and complete the project to their specification and satisfaction. We often provide assistance with bookkeeping and other accounting functions during leaves of absence or while recruiting new staff and we can help in searching for new recruits as well. We can assess the ability of the new recruits of our clients and can develop customized training program to help staff acquire the accounting skills they need to perform their work completely.

Benefit Administration:

Employee benefit plans requires detailed records for tax, payroll and compliance purposes. We have experienced consultants who concentrate full time on record keeping issues related to benefit plans. By outsourcing this function to us, we can help you. Our services include the following-

a) Preparing trust deed and by-laws;
b) Registration of the deeds;
c) Obtain NBR recognition of the fund;
d) Book keeping and accounting of the fund; and
e) Advice in investments.

Other Services

In addition to the services mentioned above, we also provide the following services to our renowned national and multinational clients:

  • Salary Survey.
  • Prepare manuals, policies and procedures for the financial management department of client companies.
  • Provide practical training in computer based accounting systems to accounting and financial management personnel of client companies to keep up with technological development and increase productivity.
  • Work as an evaluator of financial offers for different projects of an organization.
  • Provide consulting services on fixed assets management and inventory control.
  • Project feasibility study.